Week 5 of the “Animal Tales: Daily”: a Farewell to Candy Corn

Your Wednesday laughs are here!

I’m kinda sad to bid farewell to the Halloween spirit. The Halloween “Animal Tales” were a whole lot of fun (and I am fully in support of any holiday that revolves around candy). But, alas, it is time to leave the candy corns behind us and embrace the candy cane (which, quite frankly, smells and tastes a whole lot better).
May I present “Animal Tales: Daily”: Week 5
Fables to warm your heart and bring laughter to your brain.

Day 21/90


Day 22/90

Day 23/90


Day 24/90


Day 25/90

To keep laughing:Animal-Tales_week4_linksAnimal-Tales_week3_linksAnimal-Tales_week2_linksAnimal-Tales_week1_links

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If you know someone who could use a laugh or you just don’t feel like laughing alone-go ahead and share (I don’t mind, actually I’d love it if you did).

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