Week 3 of the 90-Day “Animal Tales” Challenge

Your Wednesday laughs are here! Let’s start to bring in the Halloween spirit!

As week 3 comes to a close, I’ve finally done the math  a 90-day challenge with posts every weekday means we will be seeing the Animal Tales for 18 weeks in a row. I’m excited to see where they go. Each week as I round them up I see themes that reflect what is going on seasonally, as well as what is going on in my life (like the major cake fixation I had last week).  As Halloween approaches the Animal Tales are beginning to get in the holiday spirit. Personally I am beginning to transition from candy corns to candy canes. Is that awesome or what… ok no it’s not, it’s a bit early. So lets revel in the Halloween spirit while it’s still around!

Day 11/90



Day 12/90


Day 13/90



Day 14/90



Day 15/90


So what did you think of week 3? I’d love to hear your feedback. I read all of your comments and they help me create better stories each week. Also, I want to give you the opportunity to participate in this challenge with me by picking an animal you want me to design an Animal Tale around during this challenge. List your animal suggestion below and I will pick a random winner. I can’t wait to see what you come up with (I’m always up for a challenge). Sound off in the comment area below.

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If you know someone who could use a laugh or you just don’t feel like laughing alone-go ahead and share (I don’t mind, actually I’d love it if you did).

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