The Saddest Pie

A very sad apple pie

“I can quite confidently say that every project I undertake  goes spectacularly…
often times spectacularly wrong, but I still say it with confidence.”-Jamie on being positive

This weekend, in an attempt to be a responsible person, I made the saddest apple pie ever. As you may have noticed from my Harvest series I have had a obsession “thing” for apples lately…Its been kind of a big “thing”; a 50+ apple type of thing…

As is typical for one of my shoots, at the end of the day I am left with the question: what do I do with these 50 apples, 444 peeps, or 5 lbs of circus peanuts? Because these are totally the questions we all face.

In my case I decided to make a pie…there is no need to delve into the details here. I pictured the perfect pie in my head, with its layers of warm cinnamony apples; then I made something else entirely.

I will point out here that pie is not my thing…I love pie, but I already know the best pie maker in the world (she actually made, then photographed the pie in the aspirational pie picture below) so generally I don’t see a point in trying to compete in that arena.

But compete I did…I filled my pie with sweet apple goodness, baked it, and then eagerly cut into what apparently had become the Bermuda Triangle of apples; 8 apples went in to the pie and well, apparently none decided to stay…As my husband and I stood, staring at the cavern that was my pie, he looked at me, patted my back and with the best intentions said: “I think you are more of a crumble type of girl.”

And you know what, I think he is right and I am so ok with that… now 42 apples left…

Apple Pies

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