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•••You may have noticed that I’ve been really quiet for a while: not updating my blog or Facebook or anything about The Animal Tales. I really wanted to say something, to tell you what was going on and that I’d be back—I just needed a minute (or a handful of months) to regroup and get…

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  • Jen - Beautiful Jamie.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Brown - Dear Jamie,

    Hello. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your personal story with us. What a difficult time it must have been losing your father, mother and then your dog Izzy. I have met you a few times and had spoken with you with my mom at the Science Museum when they have their holiday festival over the past two years. I just want to tell you that I truly love the work that you do. I will never forget the first time I saw your work and it was of the elephant amidst all of those delicious orange candy peanuts. You truly have a creative way of expressing how the animals you create feel and that is true talent. Your work brings smiles to peoples faces and it is a true joy to read them in addition it makes people feel good. Again I love your work and I look forward to seeing what cake creations you come up with in the near future.

    Take Care, Jamie.


    Jennifer BrownReplyCancel

  • Marcia Blackburn - Beautiful memories of your family members. Hugs!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Battista - Jamie-

    SO very sorry for your loss. Izzy was a member of your family, so you take as long as you need to grieve. Make no excuses. Your grief is your humanity.

    Here’s hoping you feel a little better day-by-day. You ‘ll still grieve, but eventually you’ll learn to live w/ it. What a powerful pet Izzy must have been. Bless her in Doggie-Heaven!


  • marty - Your winter penguin is next to my Beagles Rule magnet on the fridge. I brought the Christmas plaque too. I hope that helps just a little.ReplyCancel