Oh Martha—What have you done??? I love it.

A Martha Stewart Food Picture.In case this juicy tidbit hasn’t crossed your path yet: Martha Stewart has let everyone down. The woman who has made a name for herself as the archetype domestic goddess has revealed that she too is human…possibly too human, for some.

The kerfuffle started when Martha Started posting pictures she took of the actual food she ate-and lets just say the pictures weren’t flattering (trying on a swimsuit in a sadistically lit dressing room unflattering). These pictures caused a bit of a twitter backlash.

There is a lot that could be said here about the fact Martha is a brand and years have been spent building and refining that image, that daylight photography is a food’s friend and the flash is not, and filters could give her photos a kitschy look that well…lets be honest the pics couldn’t get worse.

But here is what I love-the photos show the human side of Martha. She isn’t perfect and every day is not a “Martha Stewart Living” kind of day. I saw these pictures and breathed a sigh of relief. I am not saying I measure myself against Martha’s skills, domestic goddess I am not. But I do have aspirational dreams of just once being the perfect host, pulling off a flawless meal, completing the 20,000+ DIY projects that I have stacked all over my house. I aspire to have a studio where all my supplies are organized, where I actually make green juice instead of moving the blender around like it is some futuristic decor, and I would like to know where my scissors are at any given moment…damn it! I have dreams people…and whether I like it or not Martha has set a bar to which I aspire. Often times when I peruse her magazines, or websites and I am envious, I covet the beauty and functionality. On a bad day I look up and mentally see all the unfinished projects resting atop my dreams and I feel inadequate.

Well no more.

Thank you Martha; your food photography is spectacular. You are human and somehow I like you more for it and most importantly I feel better about myself.

Happy Thanksgiving all…Embrace the madness it is wonderful.



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