Last Minute Christmas Shopping Fever

xmas-shopping_350So how far along are you on your Christmas Shopping…it’s ok, be honest…

No I am not saying that to guilt you. Actually, I am curious because I am just getting started and I feel a bit overwhelmed with shipping deadlines, back orders and people kinda being crazy-pants in the shops.

I never mean to leave the shopping this late, but I am a gift hunter. I love to find things people will love throughout the year. I diligently archive those links/ catalog pages/ photos and proceed to spend most of December trying to figure out where I saved them (anyone else have this problem?…anyone…).

In addition I am also saddled with the burden of “late shoppers guilt”. I am from a long line of “early Christmas shoppers”. Like July early…ever year my mother and her sisters would venture out on an annual summer sales trip to do their Christmas shopping… by September they would have Christmas all locked down. Black Friday was a shopping event for summer birthday gifts. I spent most of my youth getting citrus colored, sun dresses at Christmas when I lived in the far north, and my college years getting flannel underwear in the summer when I lived in the deep south. Sometimes I would question the practicality of this cycle but I slept well knowing that I was well prepared for the next season…

So as I wander out to brave the holiday madness‑wish me luck…and if all else fails I can always fall back on chocolate as the perfect gift…because who doesn’t love chocolate (suspicious people, that is who)

What is your “fall back” gift? You know the gift you give that everyone loves to get.

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