2017 Animal Tales Calendar

I cannot believe fall is officially here. And by here, I mean pretty much over. The last week of rain did a pretty good job knocking the last of the leaves off the trees. Stick season has arrived in Upstate, ladies and gentleman.

On the upside, this means the holiday season and tons of good food are just around the corner.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that I just finished my 2 new 2017 Animal Tales calendars. The calendars were a huge and intimidating project, but I have to say I am very proud of how these turned out.

I created a classics version with all of your favorite stories and a dark humor version. It would be safe to say that the dark humor one indulges some inappropriate urges to laugh.

_red7073-edit-2-2The Details:

  • Each 12-month calendar page is a classic 8×10″ format

*Fully open the classic calendar is 16×10″

*Fully open the dark humor calendar is 20×8″

  • 2 versions are available: classic and dark humor Animal Tales
  • US, UK and Australian holidays are listed
  • The calendar is made out of luxurious heavy weight 100# paper
  • All printing and design are done right here in Upstate NY
  • Calendars can be purchased on Etsy or at any of my upcoming craft shows (while supplies last).


 See the Classics Calendar Monthly Images

See the Dark Humor Calendar Monthly Images


Calendars can be purchased on Etsy or at any of my upcoming craft shows (while supplies last).

$25 each or 2/$40 (mix and match between classic and dark humor versions).


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•••You may have noticed that I’ve been really quiet for a while: not updating my blog or Facebook or anything about The Animal Tales. I really wanted to say something, to tell you what was going on and that I’d be back—I just needed a minute (or a handful of months) to regroup and get my shit together. But, at the same time, I also didn’t want to admit that I need to take some time away, it felt weak and stupid. And then at some point, it just became easier to avoid giving an explanation.

But since my plan isn’t to stay gone for good, I figured that I needed to say something to you. If you are reading this you’re one of the people who have supported me and my quirky little niche in the world: thank you. The post below is a bit more personal than I generally get, but you’ll probably understand that sometimes saying goodbye means taking a break.•••

For a long time, I’ve wanted to let you know why myself and the Animal Tales kind of dropped off the face of the earth for the last 6 months or so, but there is something about actually putting the words down which makes me feel a bit silly and a bit sad. And then I felt sad about feeling silly. Emotions can be vicious.

Last June my dog, Izzy, died…it was terrible, and the world seemed like it needed to stop.
The world didn’t actually stop, that would have been silly, but I did.


I just stopped writing and photographing. Instead, I picked up a lot more freelance work. Life went on, but not creatively. I was grieving, and I just didn’t want to do grief again.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened: my mother died two weeks after I graduated from college. It was breast cancer, (that is what I say when I’m in public, in my head I’m still raging mad and confused and curse a lot about that time in my life). I documented the last few weeks of my mom’s life…me, my camera and mortality got to know each other really well. Even though I had my mom’s permission to photograph her final weeks, I put my camera away right after she passed. I didn’t shoot again for a few years. I got on with life, got a job in design and marketing and I got a dog, Dexter…he is very old now but still keeps me company.

When my dad died, the same thing happened: I had just gotten my masters degree in photography. Dad died, I put my camera away again and went back into design and marketing. And again, I also got a dog, Izzy.

I’m obviously an animal person, but there is something more here. I don’t know if I put an unfair weight on my dogs of being “family” given the times they entered my life.

When it comes to Izzy, I don’t know what I could say to make you understand how special she was. She was nuts (as Jack Russells charmingly tend to be), and loving, and lived every moment like it was the best moment of her life.

Everyone says that about dogs that they “live in the moment”…but Izzy was different, she celebrated, savored and covered each moment in a frantic type of love that made you think every moment was happening to her for the first and last time. The first 3 years we had her, she’d literally wake bursting with excitement  because we were still there (she was a rescue).

Do you know how awesome that feels?
To know that you made somebody’s day just by managing to not die in your sleep.

When it came to the Animal Tales, Izzy was like having an adoring yet inept assistant. She’d following me around, steal my little animals and remove their legs, sneak bites of the cakes that I made and listen to the stories I’d spin about each animal as I was shooting.

To Izzy, I wasn’t crazy; I was fascinating.

Izzy_dog_Love-2She was in charge of team morale. When you work for yourself, it can be very lonely, and frustrating. She and Dexter helped keep everything in perspective until I built up the confidence to do what I do.

Izzy is gone now; cancer came and we had to say goodbye. Again I put my camera away.

I cried every day for months-not all day every day…that was reserved for the first few days. But every time I would pick up my camera or a little animal I would fall to bits. So I put everything away. That didn’t help. Grief isn’t something you can manhandle into a trunk (trust me I’ve tried). So I rode it out. I still think of Izzy often; in fact, I am crying right now as I proofread this. But I’ve had some time and distance to reflect.

Finally, I can tell that things are coming full circle again.  I’ve begun making new stories for the Animal Tales. First on the tissues I hadn’t cried into, then on post-it notes and when I finally upgraded to a notebook I knew it was time to plan new shoots. I’ve dug out my camera and dusted off my little animals. 

Somewhere along the way, I decided that I can make Izzy absence tolerable by making it count for something. 

In Izzy’s memory, a portion of all the Animal Tales cards that I sell will be going to a rescue organization to help other dogs find their people. It isn’t going to bring Izzy back, but I think that knowing the work is going to help other fuzzy souls will be a salve for mine.

Right now the rescue I’ve chosen is Every Dog’s Dream out of Johnson City, NY. I’ve worked with the rescue personally, and their dedication goes above and beyond. They are one of the few 100% volunteer rescues around. This means that every bit donated goes to caring for the animals: whether it be food or medical expenses.

2015 turned out to be a rough year, but I’ve got big plans for 2016 and the Animal Tales (and I have a feeling Izzy will somehow be with me every step of the way).

Chat soon,



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  • Jen - Beautiful Jamie.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Brown - Dear Jamie,

    Hello. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your personal story with us. What a difficult time it must have been losing your father, mother and then your dog Izzy. I have met you a few times and had spoken with you with my mom at the Science Museum when they have their holiday festival over the past two years. I just want to tell you that I truly love the work that you do. I will never forget the first time I saw your work and it was of the elephant amidst all of those delicious orange candy peanuts. You truly have a creative way of expressing how the animals you create feel and that is true talent. Your work brings smiles to peoples faces and it is a true joy to read them in addition it makes people feel good. Again I love your work and I look forward to seeing what cake creations you come up with in the near future.

    Take Care, Jamie.


    Jennifer BrownReplyCancel

  • Marcia Blackburn - Beautiful memories of your family members. Hugs!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Battista - Jamie-

    SO very sorry for your loss. Izzy was a member of your family, so you take as long as you need to grieve. Make no excuses. Your grief is your humanity.

    Here’s hoping you feel a little better day-by-day. You ‘ll still grieve, but eventually you’ll learn to live w/ it. What a powerful pet Izzy must have been. Bless her in Doggie-Heaven!


  • marty - Your winter penguin is next to my Beagles Rule magnet on the fridge. I brought the Christmas plaque too. I hope that helps just a little.ReplyCancel

Your Wednesday laughs are here!

One day my husband asked me if I really thought I had 90 stories to complete this challenge. I just stared at him….I really had no idea. I have never sat down to quantify all the ideas in my head, but it feels like I have a million stories lined up to tell. As of yesterday I’ve completed exactly one-third of the challenge, in some ways it feels like I should be further along than that. On the other hand, I don’t think that I’ve made much of a dent in the stories and ideas that I have for these little creatures.
After 30 days, I feel as if I have a better sense of who each of these little characters is. Because I’ve been working with them daily, I’ve built out their background stories and habits: everything in their lives that would have brought them to the moment captured in these images. It’s like each image is a story snippet of a larger story…which is really what every moment in life is. Who knows maybe one day I will share the animals longer stories with you too. Until then may I present “Animal Tales: Daily”: Week 6

Fables to warm your heart and bring laughter to your brain.

Day 26/90


Day 27/90

Day 28/90


Day 29/90


Day 30/90

To keep laughing:


Customize your Animal Tales Daily delivery:

If you know someone who could use a laugh or you just don’t feel like laughing alone-go ahead and share (I don’t mind, actually I’d love it if you did).

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  • Laura Anne Willoughbie Rodd - I am in love with these witty, visually stunning cards. The humor of the text is delightfully unpredictable and touching. I love writing letters to close friends and family members, I love the very feel of pen put to paper and search wide and far to find stationary or notecards that will make my correspondence even more wonderful of an experience. My search is over since The Memorable Image line of greeting cards is offered in Wabi Sabi, a happening boutique store in the Historic Village of Owego Marketplace NY. This is a great, fresh shop and is improved even more by having your product on the shelves. Thank you for sharing your silliness and imagination. Laura.ReplyCancel

    • Jamie Redmond - Thanks Laura! Just wait to see what I get up to with all my cakes and new creatures this year. It’s going to be good times.

      It was great to meet you!ReplyCancel