Cake Makes Me Smile

I love cake…I mean I LOVE cake. If you followed me over here from my old blog then you know how involved I get with cakes. I love decorating cakes, I love eating “good” chocolate cake, and I feel incredibly depressed about mediocre cake—because it could be so much more.

Cake is a good metaphor for the highs and the lows in my life, for more reasons than I will get into here. When I am low, blue, agitated or just angry, I prowl the baking department of grocery stores. In the right frame of mind, an unlimited amount of “free” joy and amusement can be found there. If you don’t believe me, or are chained to your desk, just go visit Cake Wrecks, a whole site dedicated to cakes gone tragically wrong. There is enough material on this site to seriously improve your mood for days. I personally credit Cake Wrecks with providing perspective in my life.

Now luckily, or unluckily, our local grocery store does pretty solid cake decorating; it’s not often I see something really interesting in the cake section (the cookies and cupcakes are an entirely different matter). However on a particularly bad day when  the concept of “Mastering SEO” threatened my mental sanity, I found magic. It must have been a training day in the baking department. Amongst all the roses and airbrushed spectacularness I found this gem:


It’s ok to stare…that is why I took the picture.

I blinked a few times to make sure my vision was clear and I felt a lightness envelop me. I proceeded to lose myself in the story of this cake: How did it come to actually be on display, what was someone thinking (are their dreams haunted by shadowy specters who love to do chores?), and what exactly is the person in this cake doing? Seriously, all my mind-melting SEO issues faded away and I NEEDED ANSWERS!

The handful of people who I have shown this cake to have all had different opinions, which I have put together in this handy little poll:

I am personally leaning towards the lawn mowing option, but then I get stuck on what occasion you would give someone that type of cake? Maybe this cake is tailored to someone with serious passive aggressive tendencies…which would make for an awkward cake unveiling. So what do you think? If you have another viable theory I would love to hear it.

If that cake didn’t do it for you, I also found this gem of positivity which I GIFed up for your enjoyment before I ate it.

Cakes Rule….

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