“Animal Tales: Daily” Week 6 Round Up

Your Wednesday laughs are here!

One day my husband asked me if I really thought I had 90 stories to complete this challenge. I just stared at him….I really had no idea. I have never sat down to quantify all the ideas in my head, but it feels like I have a million stories lined up to tell. As of yesterday I’ve completed exactly one-third of the challenge, in some ways it feels like I should be further along than that. On the other hand, I don’t think that I’ve made much of a dent in the stories and ideas that I have for these little creatures.
After 30 days, I feel as if I have a better sense of who each of these little characters is. Because I’ve been working with them daily, I’ve built out their background stories and habits: everything in their lives that would have brought them to the moment captured in these images. It’s like each image is a story snippet of a larger story…which is really what every moment in life is. Who knows maybe one day I will share the animals longer stories with you too. Until then may I present “Animal Tales: Daily”: Week 6

Fables to warm your heart and bring laughter to your brain.

Day 26/90


Day 27/90

Day 28/90


Day 29/90


Day 30/90

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