5 Modern Fables to Make You Laugh: Week 4 of the “Animal Tales” Challenge!

Your Wednesday laughs are here!

For a long time, I’ve gone back and forth between describing the “Animal Tales” as either modern fairy tales or fables. Through this 90-day challenge, I’ve really come to realize that they, in fact, are fables. This series investigates the hidden possibilities in the everyday. Inspired by the ceaseless imagination of a child and filtered through adult experiences and desires this body of work uses lighthearted humor to unfold a scene before your eyes. As modern fables, each piece imparts a single lesson, while taken as a whole they tell the story of reconnecting with dreams and desires that are so often pushed to the side with adulthood. Ok, that was a bit heavy…Let’s get on with the strange little animal
May I present “Animal Tales: Daily”: Week 4
Fables to warm your heart and bring laughter to your brain.

Day 16/90


Day 17/90

Day 18/90


Day 19/90


Day 20/90

So what did you think of week 3? I’d love to hear your feedback. I read all of your comments and they help me create better stories each week. Also, I want to give you the opportunity to participate in this challenge with me by picking an animal you want me to design an Animal Tale around during this challenge. List your animal suggestion below and I will pick a random winner. I can’t wait to see what you come up with (I’m always up for a challenge). Sound off in the comment area below.

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