17 Reasons Why Halloween May Be the Best Animal Tales Holiday Ever!


[To be mentally read with a dramatic radio-announcer’s voice]

Theeyy’re baaack . . . Creepy, honest, funny, and awkward cards that show
you care in a mostly non-creepy sort of way.


 If you didn’t know already, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It involves candy and dressing up to be anything you want . . . If that isn’t the recipe for real magic, I don’t know what is.

In the holiday spirit, the  2014 Animal Tales Halloween collection is all about maximizing the possibilities of living to your fullest–whether it be hoarding the candy or witnessing T-Rex have a DIY identity crisis.


The T-Rexes are regular fan favorites, so they are taking full advantage of this holiday
to release their innermost thoughts onto the world.

Not to be outdone, the dinosaurs are joined by Zombie Penguin, who–let’s be honest–has more issues than I know how to photograph; a pack of prairie dogs who have no interest in sharing; and the ever-reliable elephants who are still exploring the boundaries of ambition.

So come on in and have a look–the entire ensemble cast of the 2014 Animal Tales is waiting to greet you with seventeen new stories of intrigue, scandal, and awkward moments. Surely you know someone out there who could use a laugh right about now.


Help an animal out and vote for your favorites: 
Favorite characters get a special feature in the next holiday-card line.

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